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We create flavorful dishes for you and your guests to enjoy.

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Cruisine Dining

Try flavors from African, Caribbean, and Creole cuisines. Your dining experience is in your hands. Contact us to pre-select a menu that suites your unique styles and ingredient requirements.

Ask during interview:

1. The occasion
2. Any specialty decorative design you would like (back ground color or special design, picture, lighting, video, etc) (time — one hour to set up)
3. Food allergy
4. Style of meal preparation ie Vegan or Non-vegan, Italian, Asian, Caribbean, soul food, Creo-, etc)- (time -45 minutes to prepare )
5. Preference of meat, vegetable, fruit
6. Preference of beverage (alcohol, wine, tea, coffee, lemonade, water, etc)
7. Special ingredients to include or not include
8. Taste preference – sweet, bitter, sour, salty, spicy
9. Salad, soup, dessert, etc
10. Entertainment (live, recorded, piano, big band, comedy-local or celebrity ) (can be provided before meals, during meals, or after meals) -Tour Atlanta or NOT

Note: the highlighted bold print May add to adjustment in cost for service

Meal prep time: (recommend 5 oz meat or 10 oz vegetables; or 15 oz FRUITS; or 3 oz cocktail)-total per serving 6001200 calories (for dinner) – dessert additional

Place meats and/or vegetables on aluminum foil then Use air fryer to decrease time (3 minutes each side for meats; 2 minutes for vegetables); then using 350 temperature, finish (vegetables and meats) in deep fryer or pan/pot on isle with vegetable oil or water; canola oil for faster frying over 10 minutes. Consider pre-pour-off select seasoning (salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and herbal variety plus sugar-brown or granulated); Non-seasoned tenderizer (two tsp-for meats and vegetable) cheese, egg/butter/milk/flour with select sauces/plus-minus-wine/liquid flavoring (blended fruits,/vegetables or water/ favored vinegar/apple cider, etc)

Facts to remember 16 oz 1 pound; 0.5 quarts – 1 pound; 454 grams – 1 pound; Fats- 9 calories; carbs – 4 calories; proteins – 4 calories (per gram)

(time -45 minutes to prepare )